Airbike Privacy Policy

  1. Location Services and Geo-tracking

1.1 Airbike bicycles contain features that allow for them to be geo-tracked when locked

1.2 This allows our customers to find a locked bike using the Airbike App

1.3 This further allows our team to remain aware of the position of locked bikes and to ensure that bikes are placed in appropriate places and are not being unduly congested in a given area

1.4 Airbike does not track riders in real time

1.5 Airbike does not compile or keep records of the movements or patterns of any particular user

1.6 Airbike only receives geo-tracking information in bulk form (geo-tracking dumps) that allow for user movement at large to be assessed. This is done so that:
1.6.1 Bikes are placed and distributed appropriately
1.6.2 Airbike can remain aware of and mitigate places and points of locked-bike congestion


  1. Banking and Credit Card Information

2.1 Airbike uses the online payment processor PayPal Inc. to manage the transfer of funds and payments

2.2 Airbike does not retain nor access any of the financial details of its users

2.3 Any such details will be collected and managed by PayPal Inc. and will be managed under their Privacy Policy
See here:


3. Data Transparency

3.1 Airbike acquires Facebook and Google login data including ID, name and email from customers for third party authentication.

3.2 In case customers wish to delete their accounts (including personal data like name, email or phone number) completely from our database, they can navigate to the app menu at the top left corner, tap on their profile photo and click on “Delete Account” button at the right bottom of the screen.

Please note, customers cannot delete their account if they are in a trip.

In case customers have trouble performing the action, kindly send us an email to or call us at (02) 9009 5022. We would response within 3 business days and proceed as customers advise.

4. Customers’ information

4.1 Airbike collects customers’ data when they create accounts on our mobile application. The customer must provide us with his/her name, email address or mobile phone to create an account. This information is mandatory and we are unable to deliver the services unless this is provided.

4.2 The customers may also choose to allow Airbike to use their contact information (e.g. email address and mobile phone number) to send marketing materials in compliance with local laws or so that we can respond to an inquiry.