Airbike is offering franchises to young entrepreneurs wishing to be their own boss. There will be an upfront charge for each vehicle, fee for using our software and operational network, a fee per vehicle per month and we will take a small commission from your overall revenue in exchange for all the benefits below. This sales model is ideal for small operators with up to 10 bikes in their fleet. 


Branded Vehicles

Airbike is already a recognisable name, your business will have a built-in customer base. Customers are familiar with the name, which give you higher chance to make them become your regular customers.


Start-up training

1 day on-site start up training. The training included the use of our software and how to manage your jurisdiction geofence.



We have an ongoing support to help you optimise your operations with real-time metrics, historical reports and geospatial tooling built by our own development team.


Account Management

Providing management-related materials, ongoing business support of training staff in new operating software use and guidance with day-to-day operations. 


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