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  1. 3G GPS electronic bicycle locks which are to maintain the following standards
    • With active online status
    • Unlock via server command
    • Deliver receipt to operator upon manual locking
    • Deliver a geo-coordinate upon remote location ping
    • Charge effectively under solar panel with direct sunlight
    • Have recovery and restart functions


  1. Rest API Service
    • The restful API service will have the supporting capability for all of the functions mentioned in section 1
    • Airbikes rest API service will also monitor data flows as to ensure the security and integrity of the system
    • Airbikes restful API service will allow for both parties to view rides completed, usership rates and other important data that will later reflect finances


  1. Software updates and maintenance
  • Airbike will from time to time push updates to its service and do regular maintenance on the restful API service
  • Functionality changes on the API and on the broader system will be reassessed by management in accordance with this contract


  1. Sim Card and M2M Integration
    • Airbike agrees manage the Sim Card billing system in accordance with its Jasper M2M platform

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