Airbike is thrilled to announce its integration with Google Maps, enabling users to seamlessly plan their trips while simultaneously accessing a wide range of alternative transportation options. This integration is set to help people plan their journeys, making it easier than ever to discover sustainable transportation alternatives. 

Airbike has long been dedicated to creating a sustainable and efficient transportation ecosystem that empowers individuals to make conscious choices. By appearing on Google Maps, Airbike can now offer its users easily accessible information when planning their trips.

Key Features:

Trip Planning Made Easy: With Airbike’s integration into Google Maps, users can conveniently plan their trips by including Airbike as a transportation option. Whether it’s a short commute or a longer journey, Airbike will be readily available for people to select and incorporate into their travel plans. 

Access to Alternative Transportation: Airbike’s integration provides people with an extensive array of alternative transportation options beyond traditional modes. Users can now effortlessly explore options such as shared bikes, electric scooters, and other sustainable modes of transportation, all within the Google Maps interface.