Air Rewards – Our new loyalty program

We introduce you to our Air Rewards program where you can collect points for every time you ride with us.

Terms & Conditions                                                                                                                                                               

  1. Air Rewards

Air Rewards Program enables Rewards Points to be earned on every qualifying trip using card payment. Customers can receive $1 for every point you have collected, which can be redeemed on your next trip. 

The promotion time will be announced on our Social media. No Rewards Points Earned after the promotion period. However, all the points you have earned in your Airbike Wallet during the promotion are still valid to use up until the end of this year (2023).

2. Keeping the App up to date

We release new versions of the App from time to time. Please keep the App updated to the most current version at all times for Air Rewards to be showed on your Airbike App. 

3. Eligible spend

3.1 You will earn up to 30% (rates will vary depending on promotion at that time) on every trip as Rewards Points with the minimum spend of $5 per trip.  

3.2 Only payment made by Credit card, Google Pay, Apply Pay and Paypal will be eligible for Air Rewards – note that trips that are paid by Airbike Wallet Top Up are ineligible transactions for Air Rewards. 

4. Air Rewards Points Redemption

4.1 Rewards Points will be calculated daily and will be recorded to your Airbike Wallet. For every 1 point you earn, it will be converted to $1 on your Wallet Balance. Please allow 2 business days for the points to be approved and transferred to your Wallet Balance; then, you can redeem it for your next trip with us. 

4.2 Rewards Points paid in can be found on your Air Rewards with Pending status. Once the transaction has been approved, it will be paid to your wallet automatically with Ready status.

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