Free $20 Coupons on Airbike’s Wallet

From 29 August 2022, we will be delivering A$20 coupons in Universities and public transport stations in Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide. Each coupon contains a unique code which you can use to top up A$20 credit to Airbike wallet.

** Giveaway Terms & Conditions

  • Each coupon can top up A$20 to one account’s wallet. Each account can only use one coupon.
  • Coupon’s credit is only used for Airbike app and Airbike’s products.
  • Coupons are non-redeemable into cash. Any unused credit on Airbike’s wallet cannot be converted to money or equivalent.
  • Our A$20 coupons will expire on 31st December 2022. After this day, all codes on coupons are invalid.

Airbike Team

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