What is Airbike?

What is bike sharing?

Airbike is Sydney’s first stationless bike sharing platform that is designed to make inner city transport fast, convinent and healthy. Airbike uses patented technology, developed in Australia that combines with the Airbike smartphone app to bring you greater access and convenience to a bike when you need it the most.

In bringing Airbike to the world, we know that we can reduce traffic congestion and create efficient transport in our beautiful cities for everyone to benefit from.

What is Airbike's vision?

Australia is a vast country. Even our cities are difficult to get around without private transport. We want to become a revolution in the way Australians move. In the cities we operate, starting with Sydney, we want to provide environmentally sustainable, convenient and affordable public transportation through bicycle sharing. We go where you go, no more waiting, no more timetables, just convenience.

Registration & Account

Didn’t receive the verification code?

If you did not receive the verification code via SMS, click “cannot receive the code” on the registration page, and try the voice call option instead. Be ready to receive an automated call and get the verification code.

How long is my bike reservation for?

When you select an Airbike on the map and press “Reserve”, that bike will be reserved for you for 15 minutes. You can go to the bike and unlock it, but you can also unlock another bike if you find a closer one.

How do I find the reserved bike?

When you successfully reserve a bike, it will be the only one to appear on the map, along with directions to get to it. When you get close to it, you can press ‘ring’ it to find it more easily.

The bike’s location system might be influenced by the surroundings, therefore, its actual location might vary a little bit from the Airbike application, so please keep an eye out around the location on the app to find the bike.

I'm unable to unlock the bike?

If you are having connectivity problems or the lock isn’t unlocking, ensure that your 3G or WiFi is on.

  • If you hear a beep but the lock is stuck, you may be required to give the lock a wiggle.
  • If the lock still doesn’t unlock try rescanning with the app. Ensure that the bicycle is displayed on the map for the app otherwise it might be reserved or defective.
  • If the bicycle still doesn’t unlock, report it as defective to receive Airbike Loyalty points.

My trip does not end after I lock the bike?

If you do not receive any trip summary within 2 minutes, please follow the checklist below:

  • Please check that you have enabled notifications for your Airbike app in your phone’s settings.
  • After locking the bike and hearing the 3-bip sounds, you can try relaunching the Airbike app on your phone.
  • If you didn’t hear the 3-bip sounds when locking the bike, you can try to wiggle the lock’s red handle to make sure that it’s locked properly. After that, relaunch the Airbike app.
  • If you have tried all of the above, and are still having issues, please report the problem, by pressing the report button in the app.

How do I top up my wallet?

To top-up your wallet:

  1. Enter My Account
  2. My Wallet
  3. Top-up.

You cannot withdraw the money from your wallet, but don’t worry: it will never expire, so you can use it anytime.


How much does it cost to use Airbike ?

A single trip costs $1.30 for every 30 mins. Charges start once the bike has been unlocked. The timer will reset each time once the bike has been locked.

Airbike fees are based on the duration of time you use the bike.

Is it free to reserve a bike or cancel the reservation?

Making a reservation and cancelling forfeits the reservation fee of $1. Unlocking the bike starts the payment, and locking it manually ends the trip. Unlocking the same bike after locking it starts another trip.

What happens when my fare exceeds my wallet balance?

If you are in the midst of a ride, it will not affect your current ride. However, you will be unable to hire AirBike again without topping up. It may also negatively affect your Airbike Loyalty points.

Best Parking Practices

Where should I park after I’m done?

Airbike encourages you to park in a public area, where it is safe to do so, and will not cause any disturbances or inconveniences for the public.

Airbikes should never be parked in private bicycle parks, within a gated community, inside or in an underground parking space.

We are working hard to ensure that all Airbike users can find an available bike around their location at any time. We are constantly repositioning our fleet to high demand areas so that you can have a seamless and comfortable riding experience with Airbike .

To provide all Airbike users with a good riding experience, we seek your assistance and understanding to park at visible locations.

Here are some best parking practices:

  • Airbike Green Spots (Marked for Public Bicycle Sharing)
  • Public Bicycle Racks at Train Stations/Bus
  • Public Bicycle Racks

Here are some bad parking examples:

  • Don’t park inside a gated community
  • Don’t park inside a building or in an underground parking space
  • Don’t park in a location which obstructs traffic
  • Don’t park it where it could impact negatively on the surrounding environment.

Help! I cannot locate a bike!

Airbike users can use the Airbike app to locate the nearest available bike through the map view. If you cannot see any bike icons, you can try the following:
  1. Tap the bike icon on the app to view the bike location picture taken by the previous rider. If you find the image to be helpful, please like it and the user will be awarded points for helping you.
  2. Look around your surroundings and across the streets as the bike location on the app may be affected by the surrounding environment.

Airbike Area of Operations

Airbike users are able to ride to and from Central to the University of Sydney.
We will be phasing the release of Airbike , so if you want your area to enjoy the benefits of Airbike , leave a request message.


After locking the bike, how long later does the billing ends?

The trip ends immediately once the bike’s lock is engaged. You will then receive a receipt containing the trip summary and the final ride cost via the Airbike app. In the event, you do not receive the receipt within 2 minutes, please follow the following guidelines:
  1. Please check that you have enabled notifications for your Airbike in your phone’s settings.
  2. After locking the bike and hearing the 3-bip sounds, you can try relaunching the Airbike App on your phone.
  3. If you didn’t hear the 3-bip sounds when locking the bike, you can try to wiggle the lock’s red handle to make sure that it’s locked properly. After that, relaunch the Airbike app.
  4. If you tried all these methods several times but the app still hasn’t responded. You can help us by clicking on the icon in the bottom right corner and reporting the bike’s problem.

If you tried all the above and still do not receive your receipt. Please contact our support team at support@airbike.network for further assistance.

Bike Handling

Help others find where you last park

On the trip summary page, you can upload a picture of where you parked the bike and a comment, to make it easier for the next user to find the bike. If you indeed help the next user to find it, they will have the chance to validate your information and you’ll get an extra 2 Airbike Credits!

Report bad parking practices

If you see any illegal or poorly parked Airbike , please send us a feedback and you will be rewarded with Airbike Credits. To report, you can click the “!” icon in the bottom right corner, click on the “wrong park” button and send your feedback! Please do remember to include the bike number in your feedback.

How do I report a faulty bike?

Did you stumble upon a faulty AirBike? Broken pedal, missing bell or the bike won’t move? Please click on the icon in the bottom right corner of the map and report the problem by choosing from the defect list. Our operation team will collect, fix the bike and redeploy it so that it can serve you as soon as possible.

Airbike Credits

What are Airbike Credits?

Airbike Loyalty is a loyalty program similar to that of airlines. We want to reward our users for helping us realise the vision of a greener planet. You can spend points in the app with our partners or on free rides.

How can I check my Airbike Credits?

In your account, go to My Airbike Credit.

You can earn points by:

  • With every ride
  • Reporting broken or damaged bicycles.
  • Relocating bicycles to desired areas through in App notifications
  • Engaging with our promotions team on Instagram, Facebook, WeChat or Twitter.
  • Inviting other users to use Airbike